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Coronavirus NYC Update: Working Home and Empty Streets of New York City || 코로나 바이러스 뉴욕

글쓴이 : KP TV 날짜 : 2020-04-03 (금) 04:38 조회 : 158

Coronavirus keeps spreading in NYC and around the world. 43 Coronavirus Deaths and Over 5,600 Cases in New York City as of March 20th. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Friday issued an executive order for all nonessential businesses to keep all workers at home. The streets of New York are empty and people mostly. work from home. Our team went to Korea Town of New York City to meet with people who are still outside and to share with the world how people feel about the spreading COVID - 19 pandemic. We should all remember that before it gets better it always gets worse. We would like to inspire more people to stay positive during this difficult time and support your communities and the people around you.

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