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[D.C./VIRGINIA] [스튜디오렌트] 대중교통이 편하고 안전한 D.C. 아파트입니다
작성일 : 17-06-11 08:33 
Washington D.C. 다운타운에서 가깝고 안전하며, 관리사무소가 있는 아파트입니다. 모든 utility 는 포함되어있고, internet 만 같이 내면 됩니다. 계약은 관리사무소와 직접하며, 단기(여름기간) 나 일년 계약 가능합니다. 비흡연자 선호합니다.

Apartment space available for shared sublet at $600/month starting end of August/September 1st for summer or long-term (1-yr): 

I am a recent college grad male working as a professional in downtown D.C. I am looking for someone to rent studio space which fits a bed and a futon with a closet in a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in Cathedral Heights, Washington D.C. I will be in the separate bedroom while you will have your own space in the studio space of the apartment.

The apartment is recently renovated as of July 2017; the kitchen is complete with appliances; AC unit is in the living room; Futon is supplied.

If you are interested, please send an email to with subject "Apartment sublet" to schedule a tour of the apartment. 



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