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[Chicago] [룸메이트] 블루라인 벨몬트 3베드 아파트 2층 룸렌트 $400
작성일 : 16-11-29 22:45 

블루라인 벨몬트에 위치한 아파트 2층에 사실 분 구합니다. 

1월부터 가능합니다. 

문의사항은 집주인 이메일로 영어로 하시면 됩니다. 

Address: 3008 N Davlin Ct, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60618. 

The rent is $400/month. 

All utilities (gas, AC, heat, electricity, water, and Internet) are included. 1 Bath, appliances included. 

Street parking, zone permit. 

Close to public transportation (Bus #53 Pulaski, Bus #77 Belmont, 3 bus stops from Belmont/Pulaski Blue Line),

restaurants and shopping center.

30 minutes to ORD airport by public transportation or 20 minutes by car. 

More details: This is a 3-bedroom apartment, second floor. The room is around 10f x 10f. 

We are looking non-smoker, no pet. Deposit ($400) is required. 
A linkedIn/facebook profile is appreciated.

Please email me at



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