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[VANCOUVER] [구인구직프리랜서/튜터] Partner 모집 (에이전트 및 대리점)
작성일 : 18-12-08 10:06 
Support agents(Sales-Representative) that sell communications cables!!
Telecommunication Business Department, TAIHAN ELECTRIC WIRE COMPANY( announce the recruitment of agent or dealer to expand overseas marketing. If you are interested, we ask for a lot of support.
( A Recruiting Principle)
1. Recruitment : Agent (Sales Representative)
2. Recruitment personnel : 0
3. Details of work
1) Marketing to sell communication cables to the end-user
2) Products sold : Structured Cabling System (UTP Cable, COAXIAL Cable)
3) Marketing to sell telecommunication cable to a construction company
4) Marketing to sell communication cables to distributors
5) Provide the owner information to our company and carry out all marketing activities including quotation submission, specification submission, bidding participation, product supply and collection.
4. Payment of Fees
- 3~5% paid in the amount of goods after the receipt goods
- Additional fees (from 0.5% to1.5%) based on performance system
5. Work type and Area
- Freelance.
- A residential area
6. Recruitment Methods
1) Reviewing your resume (including photos and experience)
2) E mail Application (The email address will be communicated to the first passer-by later)
3) A Telephone Interview
4) An agreement between the two parties
7. Qualification Requirements
- Gender, educational background and age limit are not limited (except for minors)
- But Legal residents in a residential area (no cause for disqualification on overseas trips)
8. Preferential Requirements
- Structured Cabling System Installer
- Communication Cable Manufacturer
- Agent, Agency or Distributor
- Manufacturer or Installer in a Electrical and Communications Construction Company
- CATV and Broadcast Operator (including equipment)
- Wireless Communications Operator
- EPC Industry Experience
9. Recruitment period
Recruited by the time the staff is filled.
If you have any questions, please contact the person in charge of the sales manager as below.
* Contact and inquiry: Director Kim Joon
* +82-10-2778-0675 / +82-2-316-9228 / Joonsang Kim /
Communication Division
Taihan SmartTower, Simin-Daero, 317, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, 14055
Job Type: Contract



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