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[TORONTO] [구인구직프리랜서/튜터] Beauty&Cosmetic Distribution Company Floor Clerk_entry level 채용 공고
작성일 : 17-08-20 15:47 

뷰티 무역회사 Floor Clerk-entry level (풀타임or 파트타임) 채용공고

·       Asung Trading Inc. 에서 Full-time and Part-time Floor Clerks(Entry Level) 모집합니다.

·       Asung Trading Inc. 캐나다 전역에Beauty & Cosmetic products들을 공급(Distribution)하고 있는 B2B기반의 무역회사입니다.


1.     채용개요

a.     채용인원: 0

b.     포지션: Floor Clerk (Full-time, or Part-time).

c.      업무내용:  Order picking, Receiving, Organizing, Shipping, Cleaning, Inventory management physically.

* Heavy items 아닌 제품을 취급하는 웨어하우스라 포크 리프트 같은 장비를 사용하지 않습니다

2.     응시자격

a.     캐나다 내에서 합법적으로 일할 있는 (시민권자, 영주권자, 오픈워크퍼밋홀더 )

b.     Advanced or Fluent English 구사하는 .(대부분의 고객이 현지 캐나다 업체들입니다.)

3.     응시방법

a.     Resume(한글 혹은 영문) 송부 면접(개별 연락)

4.     근무조건

a.     신분: 풀타임/파트타임

b.     시용: 풀타임의 경우, 3개월 간의 프로베이션(Probationary Period)

c.      복리후생: Medical Group Insurance after probation (풀타임의 경우에만 적용), lunch break 일한 시간에 포함하여 급여 지급 .

d.     휴가: 캐나다 노동법에 의거, 일한 시간에 따른 휴가 지급.

e.     급여 수준: 직급, 경력 등에 따른 차등 지급(면접시 협의)

f.      근무 지역: 35A  Suntract Road, Toronto, ON, M9N 2V8

g.     문의: 647-920-0268

5.     지원방법

a.     caleb@asung.caResume(한글 혹은 영문) 첨부하여 이메일링.

6.     기타사항

a.     저희는 캐나다 노동법을 철저히 준수하는 업체입니다.


Position - Floor Clerks-Entry Level (Full or Part-time)





·         Part-Time or Full-Time Position

·         Once hired on permanent, you have the chance to grow within the organization. You would also receive a raise and a generous benefits package.

·         Location – 35A Suntract Rd. Toronto. M9N 2V8(across Leon’s)

·         Warehouse contact: 416-792-2298




·         Contribute to the daily inbound warehouse operations. 

·         Manual order picking.

·         Receive, check in and put away stock quickly and accurately. 

·         Replenish picking locations and unload the shipment.

·         Response to the inquiry from the clients




·         Valid working permit in Canada.

·         Advanced or fluent English skills.

·         College graduates. 

·         Ability to learn quickly and thrive in a fast-paced environment. 

·         Ability to harmonize with the co-workers in the organization, and respect them and customers.

·         Strong attention to detail. 

·         Able to lift up to 50 lbs.





·         TBD in an interview(depends on your experiences, or abilities)





·         The lunch time is included in the working hours. 

·         Every employee has vacation even a part-time position.

·         Group medical insurance after six months on permanent.




·         We are distributing beauty products and cosmetic items to the beauty and cosmetic industry on the B2B basis.

·         We are a fast-growing company that continues to evolve in our industry.

·         We strive to be the best in the industry through the great selection of the products, and the highest level of the customer service.

·         We are contributing to the regional communities where we do business as the appreciation.


If you are interested in this position, please email back with your resume in Korean language or English according to your convenience.





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