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[SF] [구인구직프리랜서/튜터] TEST PREP 학원 사무직_상담직원 구함
Steven Academy
작성일 : 19-08-15 02:32 
Help wanted, full-time employee 
1) Korean and English proficient 
2) Experienced applicants $4000/month+Incentives 
Inexperienced applicants $3500/month+Incentives 
3) Working Hours : Mon-Tue, Thrus-Sat 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm 
4) Company Profile 
Steven Academy teaches almost all of the AP,IB, and SAT2 Subject Tests all year round, and of course 
the SAT 1 and ACT tests too. We counsel students and parents in US university admissions and help them 
in their jourmey to college. We have started a branch incorporation in San Francisco,and seek to teach the teens 
of this city and the Bay Area to achieve their utmost and attend the university of their best potential. With the 
online offerings for VOD classes and in real time one-on-one online classes, San Francisco is just a starting point 
for classes for students the world over 
5) Task : Parent Counseling in US university admissions,( We can teach) class scheduling.logging sales in some 
book keeping 
*** please, send resume and short introduction to 
*** www. www.



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