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[SF] [프리랜서/튜터] Part time job offer for College students 대학생 모집
작성일 : 17-05-31 00:41 [63]

Make Money by chatting with high school students!


대학교와 과를 고민하는 중학생과 고등학생의 멘토구함! 

입학신청, 학비, 장학금, 교수,전공, 캠퍼스 투어,  조언을 해 줄수있는 학생모집. 



Become a mentor and share your college life!   Email for invite @ 

Tell honest & real first hand experiences about:

Enrollment, Campus life, Tuition, Professors, Programs etc. All the things you'd wish you knew ahead of time!

Work flexible hours- set your own time!

Let's face it: 4 years is a long commitment. Help students make the right decision! 


Email for invite @



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