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[NY/NJ] [구인] bb.q Chicken Manhattan Ktown
bb.q Chicken Ma…
작성일 : 16-05-18 21:56 

bb.q Chicken is the fastest growing franchise restaurant in the world. With over 4,000 franchise locations operating globally, bb.q Chicken is the most well-known chicken brand in Korea.

bb.q Chicken advanced into over 56 countries, including US, China and Latin America and promotes brand recognition of the organization as a global franchise brand.

글로벌 프랜차이즈 bb.q Chicken Manhattan Ktown 에서 일할 점장(Manager), 부점장 (Asst. Manager), 주방팀 (Chef/Sous-Chef/Kitchen Staff) 을 구인하고 있습니다. 
관심있으신 분은 으로 Resume와 간략한 자기 소개서, 포지션 및 희망 급여를 필히 기재하시고, 제목에 bb.q Chicken Manhattan Ktown (Staff) 이라고 적어서 보내주시면 인터뷰 일정을 추후 개별 통지해드리도록 하겠습니다.

(모집분야/Available Position)
1. 점장/Manager: (0명)

2. 부점장/Asst. Manager: (0명)

3. 주방팀/Kitchen-

A. 주방총괄/Chef: (0명)

B. 수쉐프/Sous-Chef: (0명)

C. 라인쿡/Line Cook: (00명)

4. 홀직원/Server: (00명)


1. 레스토랑 운영 2년이상 유경험자 우대/Experience in food business preferred.
2. 미국내 합법적 근무 가능자/Must be eligible to work in the US.

Manager: 경력 5년이상/at least 3-5 years of experience

Asst. Manager: 경력 2년이상 우대/at least 1-2 years of experience preferred

Chef: 경력 3년이상/at least 3 years of experience

Sous-Chef: 경력 1년이상 우대/at least 1 year of experience preferred

Server: 경험/무경험 상관없이 찾습니다/experience and non-experience welcome

- 서류심사 - 인터뷰 - 합격통보

(서류 접수)

- Full-timer & Part-timers' working hours is negotiable and will be discussed during interview.
- 인터뷰시 연봉 및 Incentive 협의 가능/Salary & Incentive negotiable and will be discussed during interview.



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