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[LA] [구인구직프리랜서/튜터] 종합광고대행사 CPL Advertising에서 경력직 Graphic Designer를 구합니다.
작성일 : 18-05-18 13:36 
- 광고대행사 경험 5-10년 이상 
- 취업에 결격 사유 없으신 분(영주권자 또는 시민권자) 
- 팀웍, 리더쉽 및 책임감을 갖추신 분 
- 기타 Responsibility는 영문 가이드 참조 
- 이력서 및 포트폴리오 보내실 곳: 

CPL Advertising is looking for an experienced Graphic Designer to join our creative service team. 
Responsibilities will include: 
Take direction from creative directors 
Follow brand guidelines/established standards to create designs/layouts for various media 
Modify existing layouts to new specifications / content 
Work closely with team members to meet tight deadlines Other duties as assigned 
 Key Skills 
•        Keen design and execution abilities 
•        Highly Adept with Macintosh based Adobe creative applications 
•        Ability to work within deadlines 
•        Meticulous attention to detail 
•        Ability to rise to challenges and find creative solutions to problems 
•        Self-motivated



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