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[NY/NJ] [구인] [H Mart HQ in NJ] IT 직원모집
H Mart HQ in NJ
작성일 : 16-05-02 23:16 
안녕하세요 H Mart 입니다.

아래와 같이 본사 IT 직원을 모집합니다.


1. 근무지: H Mart 본사 뉴저지: 300 Chubb Avenue, Lyndhurst NJ 07071

2. 모집인원:

  a) 개발 프로그램 운영 및 교육 (Software Support Entry Level) 

   - Required Skill: Basic knowledge on any computer programming 

   - Desired Skills(not required): HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, SQL

  b) Server 관리자 

   - MS 서버 관련자격증 소지자 및 서버 경험자 

   - 도메인 관리, 그룹정책 

  c) Help Desk 

  - Telephone, email, remote and onsite support to end users on issues that include account administration. IT policy enforfement, software installation and "How To" questions. 

  - Identifies, researches, and resolves technical problems reported via call trackig toll. 

  - Records all technical requests and responses to technical requests accurately via call tacking tool.

  - Documents all reported problems in the call tracking tool and follows up with assigned personnel to ensure timely resolution according to approved Service Level Agreement. 

  - Use knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures towards in diagnosis and resolution of operating system (i.e., Macintos, Windows 7, and Windows XP) supposed software and hardware as well as network access issues for remote and locan end users.


- Experience with Windows 10, Windows 7, MS Office, and Outlook.

- Ability to install and troubleshoot various software packages

3. 지원자격:

- 취업에 결격사유가 없으신 분

4. 접수서류: 이력서

5. 접수방법: 이메일 제출 (



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